Car Keys today are more complex then they were a couple decades ago. Now most models have a chip installed underneath the black plastic part of the key for security purposes. Only locksmiths and dealers are capable of replacing or copying these keys. Some keys also come with a remote package that also needs to be programmed by a locksmith or car dealer.

Transponder Keys & Remotes

What Happens if I lose my Key?

If you lose your key and need to make a replacement, you have two options. As stated above, new keys can only be made by a professional locksmith or obtained through your car dealer. However if the dealership is closed, you are stuck. That is where we come in. Once you call A-1 Locksmith and Roadservice and tell us the make and model of your car, we are able to create the key instantaneously and deliver it to you in no time.  Our rates are also cheaper then most dealerships so it's a no brainer.

If you need a key replacement or a new remote call us at 518-512-6078. We have been serving the Capital Region for a decade now. Our experienced Locksmiths will respond to you in one of our mobile vans immediately.